Phases has had many ask what philosophy we teach, what we are trying to accomplish, and what void we fill in the Pagan community.  We have talked about the concept of “Tribe” and “Community” and the need to find common ground with our traditions and find a safe place to explore the depths of who we are as a community.  We do not espouse to you any one philosophy, but attempt to bring to you the knowledge of the Earth and the Gods and Goddesses in all their forms and manifestations, embracing the truths around Them. We do so in the hope that we can all be enriched by the vast knowledge found in each of the paths to enlightenment and self knowing. There is so much common truth in all the paths that we hope to share as much of those with you as possible, so we may truly come to know one another as Brother and Sister, unburdened by the divisive nature of our society.

Phases has three main objectives. The first is to create and offer a quarterly newsletter filled with information to assist us in living a magickal life every day. The second is to create and maintain a website that provides the same kind of information. And the third is to present enchanting events or gatherings for the community, offering opportunity to meet and network with great food and fun activities and entertainment. We schedule our events to compliment all the other groups in the community as we are not interested in competing or drawing attention away from established events already in place. We want everyone in the Pagan community to have the opportunity to gather together, share and raise energy together, to break bread together, to have fun, as many times a year as the Goddess will allow, to honor the Earth and the traditions that we hold so dear to our hearts.

The wheel of the year begins with Maying, celebrating the fertility of the Earth and bidding the Goddess for her favor in a prosperous season. The event embraces all the traditions of spring, not just Beltane.

The Festival of the Harvest in August is the second of the annual events. At Harvest, we gather to thank the Mother and the Goddess for the bounty of the season and for her riches we have enjoyed. We celebrate with games of wit and simple agility.

At the Yule Feast in December we honor again the Mother and Father Time for the passage of time in our favor. We give thanks for the Earth’s sustenance and bid for a gentle passing of the sleeping time of the Earth. We sing songs and feast. We have dancers and entertainment to pass the winter evening away. It is a feast like the days of old that transcends the ordinary and propels everyone to a different time and place.

The wheel is rounded out with Elf Hill in February. We will create an underworld and evoke the elves, sprites, etc., and the dark mysteries of the underworld. We will germinate the seeds of our subconscious to bring forth the creativity, energy and fertility that we have come to know as spring. We will give thanks for the peace and rest of the winter and evoke the strength of a strong spring for all that grows and sustains us. And it will all begin again.

Each event includes food, entertainment and opportunity for spiritual edification as well as networking and meeting and greeting new and old friends.

Our interest is to create events that are simple and reminiscent of times of old, but are no less valuable in the world we live in. Our desire is to help put us all back in touch with the rhythms of the Earth. While our survival may not depend on us actually going out and working the fields, it does depend on the renurturing of the Earth and the gratitude we show to the Goddess. If we cannot take time away from the busy, hectic and heartless endeavors we engage in every day, the Earth will cease to have that capacity to sustain us.

This is our passion and our art form we want to share with you. Come celebrate with us. We invite you to join us and support us as we support you, the Earth and the Goddess.